New Semester

Assalamualaikum…….. Well hello there whoever reading this…. Uhuhh 😉 so yappp… Its a new semester which i’ll be in semester six. Well, i tell you it’s scary. Because of what? Because of we are preparing ourself to a practicum next semester. 😅 it really freaking me out ! Practicum? Being a real teacher? Facing a […]

Montage video

Assalamualaikum and hyee ❤ This is my montage video. there is two of them which is one is more to corporate ending and one is my style ending. ^^, This is first my style kind of ending. Its called appreciation to myself. Hahaha. and….. this is my corporate video ending.. pyongg~ ❤

Christmas eve celebration

assalamualaikum and hye !!! Recently, we are invited to our classmate  house to celebrate cristmast eve with them. Eventually, it was sad because they couldnt be with their family to celebrate it together, but with all of us came to the house celebrated with them somehow lessen their sadness. look how strong our bonding are […]